BlackSUP800-2 Super Turbo 1000w Elite electric scooter review

  • BlackSUP800-2 Super Turbo 1000w Elite electric scooter review
  • BlackSUP800-2 Super Turbo 1000w Elite electric scooter review
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The Super cycle turbo 1000watt elite electric scooter gathered the highest positive reviews from customers among other scooters. Basing on its quality and performance, and with the added advanced features, this scooter is highly recommended for those who are looking for a long lasting use and impressive performance.

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Super 36v Turbo 1000-Elite Electric Scooter with Econo/Turbo Mode Button, Black

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Last update was in: May 13, 2018 7:33 pm

Distance: 18 miles per charge

Speed: 26 MPH

Battery: 3 12v 12ah “deep Cell’ batteries

Max Load: 300 lbs

Unit Weight: 75 lbs

Shipping Weight: 90 lbs

Color: Black

Warranty: the company gives a one year warranty. So, if you encounter defects upon purchase or malfunctioning within the one year period, the manufacturer will change the item.

  • Faster and more durable
  • Uses heavy duty lead batteries
  • Easy to connect and quick to fold
  • Now comes with adjustable seat and rear shock for a more comfortable and convenient ride
  • The lead can batteries can last longer than the others
  • Equipped with front swinger mono shock for better handling and braking
  • The item comes with free accessories
  • One year warranty

  • The item is very expensive compared to the other scooters. But, considering the performance and the quality of this electric scooter, it is worth the price.
  • Very heavy, so you cannot carry it.

Review of Super Cycles & Scooters BlackSUP800-2 Super Turbo 1000watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter

Are you completely satisfied with your old super turbo-electric scooter? If you think that nothing can beat the performance of your old scooter, you are wrong! Your super turbo 800 elite has been upgraded to a more powerful turbo scooter. Now representing super cycles newest scooter, the super turbo 1000watt elite 36v electric scooter. The motor is increased to 1000watts, and the sprockets and chain of this scooter are now enhanced with a heavier duty version. The upgraded version is durable, faster and more powerful. The 1000watts 36v motor spins at 3000rpms that can reach the maximum speed of 26mph with a 250lb to 300lbs rider in a smooth, flat terrain. But speed may decrease when the rider’s weight is heavier than required or when the terrain is rough. It is not just to meet the demands of all the scooter addicts, but we have exceeded their expectations.

What makes this such a good electric scooter for adults?

The turbo 1000watt elite scooter consists are powered by the 36v lead acid battery pack that includes three 12v 12ah “deep Cell’ batteries.  It can reach a distance of 18 miles per charge. Containing 3 increased voltage batteries makes this scooter much faster than the older version. They didn’t go cheap on batteries either, so you are guaranteed this scooter is built for heavy duty and you won’t have any problems with the battery in the near future.  Want to know another exiting new thing to this verison? It is upgradable and can be converted into 48v lithium model that is even more powerful. To upgrade, you need a 48v lithium upgrade kit which can be bought together or later on. This is an electric scooter most suited for adults or teenagers just like the EcoReco m5 we reviewed earlier.

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The super turbo 1000watts elite scooter is equipped with a lot of improved and amazing features that its earlier versions did not have. Some of these are named below

Stainless steel nuts and bolts –  With this new feature, nuts and bolts will not rust quickly, even if it is always exposed to the wet season because stainless steel is corrosion resistant.

Adjustable front seats and rear shocks – the front seat can be adjusted to fit the height of the rider for a more comfortable ride.

Econo/Turbo Mode Button – Pressing the turbo mode button will boost the speed.

Dual rear shocks – now comes with dual rear shocks to promote smoother ride and reduced bounce even in rough terrains.

Deep cell Acid Batteries – Powered by rechargeable 36v lead acid batteries that can cover a distance of 18 miles per charge.

Front Swinger mono shock –  It is more advanced than twin shock, for it promotes better handling and braking. Thus, it requires less maintenance and fewer adjustments, so fewer hassles and more convenient for you.

Improved front brakes –  Meaning, the breaks in a turbo 1000watt elite scooter is more efficient and will give you a solid stop the moment you use the brakes.

Larger disk brakes – this makes the scooter have a greater stopping power.

LED headlight – gives you a clearer and brighter light

Increased tire size – the tire in a turbo 1000watt elite scooter is larger than the old version. It is designed to have a more comfortable ride even on bumpy roads.

Upgraded electrical system –  for a more effective functioning of the lights and starter…

The parts of this scooter are very quick to connect and easy to replace. It can be stored easily because it can be folded just in seconds. Plus, it comes with free accessories such as; mirror, speed charger, splash guards and brake light kit. Many features and a well upgraded scooter just as we like our best electric scooters to be.

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