Electric Tricycle Review – Razor Power Rider 360

  • Electric Tricycle Review – Razor Power Rider 360
  • Electric Tricycle Review – Razor Power Rider 360
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Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle Review

Today we are reviewing the Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle for children. This sleek and stylish take on the tricycle looks like it comes from 20 years into the future! Let’s take a look at the features this tricycle has.

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Speed: 9 mph

Battery use: Up to 40 minutes of continuous use

Charge Time: 12 hours

Battery: 12V Rechargeable

Max Load: 120 lbs

Recommended for ages 8 and up

  • Speed: just fast enough for your child to have a blast, but not so fast that they can lose control and have a spill
  • Safety: factory equipped with industry standard safety features, this unit is top rated for overall safety
  • Cost: This is an inexpensive unit that is well suited for a first electric scooter

  • The wheels are not suited for rough terrain, so please instruct your child to avoid riding on gravel

A perfect electric tricycle for kids

This unit tops out a maximum speed of 9 mph. For your young rider, this will seem like they are enjoying a day on the drag strip, but you will know the truth. This is a modest speed and perfectly safe for young children to enjoy.

They can even channel their inner street racer and drift with this motorized tricycle. The rear wheels are designed to spin around, while the high impact front pneumatic wheel supplies power. A sturdy front wheel is important for an electric tricycle for kids, because they’re sure to run into stuff. It needs to withstand the abuses an exuberant small child will no doubt put it through, and the Razor Rider 360 has the durability to stand up to even the most active child’s bumper car aspirations.

Maximum continuous ride time comes in at around 40 minutes, so your little one will have plenty of time to run around with the neighborhood children.  Charge time runs around 12 hours, so this toy can only be enjoyed once per day. Fortunately, you can buy an upgraded battery for around an additional $15 to improve riding time, should your child require more time to cruise around.

Controls are going to be intuitive and easy for the child to use. The right hand has a push button throttle that accelerates the razor electric tricycle, while the left hand controls the level actuated brake. The braking is going to be accomplished by a standard V configuration (i.e. pushing the handle causes a V shaped brake to pinch the wheel), which is a tried and true technology. This translates into less things to break, and less worry for you!

In addition, the unit comes equipped with front pegs for your child’s feet. They conveniently fold up to allow easier mounting and dismounting of the razor electric tricycle.

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One critical safety feature that Razor has incorporated into the design is to hide the wheel inside of a plastic compartment. This greatly reduces the chances for injury to your child, since their shoelaces can’t get caught in the front wheel.

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The only significant drawback of this unit is that there is little adjustment for the seating. This means that it will eventually be outgrown, however the used market for these tricycles is pretty strong. You can sell it later to recoup the majority of your costs.


In summary, the Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle is going to become the go-to electric tricycle for children. It is stylish, with a black and yellow color scheme and delivers all the fun your little one craves. Backed by the well-known Razor brand, you know that it’s not going to fall apart after 3 days of use. Maximum speeds are going to provide many hours of joy for your little one, without causing you any excessive worrying about safety.

We highly recommend this tricycle for your young child. Please keep in mind it has a weight limit of 120 pounds, so it’s not recommended that adults or teens attempt to ride it! You can go ahead and check a more appropriate review for you here.

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