Razor E325 Black Electric Scooter Review

  • Razor E325 Black Electric Scooter Review
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Without a doubt, this scooter is the king of kids’ motorized scooters. Fast, reliable, safe, yet a relatively cheap electric scooter for kids. You can’t go wrong with the Razor brand, and this scooter is a must have for your child!

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Razor E325 Electric Scooter

Usually ships in 24 hours
Last update was in: May 16, 2018 3:51 am

Speed: 15 MPH

Distance: 10 miles (Depending on surface, average speed, and weight of the user)

Charge Time: 8 hours

Battery: 24V Rechargeable

Max Load: 220 lbs

Unit Weight: 52 lbs

  • Speed:  Fast enough to have fun but not fast enough to be a menace to the neighbors
  • Features: Variable acceleration, no manual kick off for motor, quiet drive chain motor
  • Battery: 24V to allow that extra mile
  • Quality: Lightweight double-welded structure for extra strength
  • Design: Sleek yet simple
  • 90 Day Warranty

  • Wheels are not really suitable for rough terrain, so avoid off road riding or riding on poorly maintained roads/sidewalks
  • 8 hour charge time

The King of children’s electric scooters has arrived!

Under review today is the Razor E325 Electric Scooter. Another great electric scooter, it might not have a seat like the the E300s/300 . Built of high quality durable materials with a sleek design, this scooter is sure to be the envy of every kid in the neighborhood. With a top speed of 15 mph your child will enjoy the feeling of freedom, while you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the extra wide tires provide iron grip traction and the rear brakes will stop the scooter on a dime. Not only will your child thank you, the neighbors will appreciate the quiet drive chain motor. Our analysis leaves no doubt, this is the best scooter for kids.

It’s what’s inside that Counts

Backed by the Razor brand, you know this scooter is built from quality materials. From the extra-large deck that ensures a solid stance for your child, to the extra quiet electric chain driven motor, this scooter screams build quality. All that quality doesn’t add weight, as the scooter only weighs in at about 50 pounds. This makes transport a breeze, so you can bring the scooter along on trips.
Sick of other electric scooters giving out after 20 minutes of use? The E325 goes for 10 miles between charges, which is 45 minutes of continuous drive time for your child!
When you get tired of watching your little one have all the fun, you can hop on and enjoy some drive time yourself! With a maximum weight of 220 pounds (100kg) this scooter can handle most adults. Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner child! Hop on and enjoy the breeze through your hair.

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Additional Features

This unit comes equipped with a twist grip throttle to allow variable acceleration. This means no jerky starts, so there is no danger of your child flying over the handle bars the first time they hop on.
An upgrade from the Razor E100 scooter, this unit requires no kickoff. It is designed to start off from a standing position.
The rear brake handle ensures that your child won’t lose control of the scooter when trying to simultaneously stop and turn.
As always, helmet and knee/elbow pads are recommend, just to be safe! Something else to note is available with


This scooter is delivered with fast ground shipping, for free. Orders placed before 3PM EST ship the same day! Don’t like the scooter? If you’re not satisfied, VM Innovations sells with a 30 day return guarantee. There is also a 90 day warranty on this scooter should anything break.


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