Best Electric Scooter for Adults 2019

Best Electric Scooter for Adults

With a huge array of quality scooters to choose from, one question we get frequently is: “Which electric scooter is best for adults”? The answer to this isn’t easy, as there are many variables to consider. Therefore we at set out on a quest to hunt down the 2 best options for standing electric scooters

Top Speed – it should be fast enough to have fun but not fast enough to get a speeding ticket

Maximum Range – it would be nice to have a scooter that can make the commute to work

Environmental Impact –we realize it’s important to leave a better world for our children

Build Quality – since we’re not going to outgrow it, it has to last us for a few years

With these factors in mind, we’re going to consider a competition between two electric scooters for adults. We are going to look at the EcoReco M5 and the Fuzion V1000. Both units are pricey, so our expectations are high. Let’s be clear here, we are considering a whole different class of adult scooter. These are not just toys. These can be replacements for a car, in some circumstances. An excellent way to travel to and from work/school or the store.

Which one is faster?

Here we have to give the EcoReco the edge, as it tops out at a blistering 20 mph. The Fuzion V1000 is quick, don’t get us wrong, but it comes in slightly slower at a brisk 18 mph. Both of these are fast enough  for a daily commute, or a quick jaunt around the neighborhood, and neither are so fast as to make us nervous about safety.

Both scooters come equipped with smart rear disc brakes that cut power to the throttle, as well as 8 inch solid tires that won’t puncture if you hit a nail.  Stopping on a dime is no problem in either of these fast electric scooters.

For your comfort, both scooters come with front and rear suspension, so you don’t feel so many bumps from the city streets.

Impact – as an adult, we realize it’s important to leave a better world for our children

Check out what customers have to say about the EcoReco M5 electric scooter for adults on

Which Will Get Us from A to B with Juice to Spare?

Once again, the EcoReco M5 takes the win. This really good stand up electric scooter With a quoted range of 10 – 20 miles, this scooter has a higher potential top end than the Fuzion V1000, which is quoted at 13 miles. In reality, the range will depend on your weight, how fast you drive the scooter, and the road conditions. In both cases you are most likely going to have enough range to make it to work.

For recharging, both units are tied. Recharge times are around 4 hours for both, and the batteries can be recharged 2000 times.  This is critical, as it means you can get to work and top off the battery with enough time to take a half day. To you know, work from home.

Which Has a Smaller Environmental Impact?

In this category, the EcoReco M5 reigns supreme. If you register the warranty, the company will plant a tree. You simply can’t beat that type of policy – for just a few minutes of your time you can leave the planet a greener place, and you don’t even have to leave your chair.  Heck, even the packaging material is made from recyclables.

Both are going to produce zero emissions with their high quality brush-less electric motor, so you don’t have to feel guilty about your carbon foot print.

Better yet, if you use them as a car replacement then you are taking one car off the road for every day you take the scooter to work.

Which Motorized Scooter For Adults  Has The Better Build Quality?

Here, we are going to have to give a slight edge to the EcoReco M5 (we’re starting to sound like a broken record). You see, both units come equipped with an LED indicator. However, the EcoReco M5 comes with a speed indicator, as well as battery life indicator. This gives critical information for estimating your total range.

Both are constructed of high quality aircraft grade aluminum, making them feather weight yet strong at just 37 pounds.

Both scooters have a front and rear suspension, so the ride quality is going to be fantastic even on bumpy roads. Your back will thank you.

And both units have a high quality battery that will withstand many, many years of recharging. This lowers the overall cost of ownership, as battery replacement is a major long term cost of ownership for adult electric scooters.

Also, each scooter comes equipped with a folding lock mechanism, to insure that the unit won’t fold while in operation. This also adds to portability, as the folded configuration is much less awkward to carry.


We are going to have to call the EcoReco M5 the best electric scooter for adults. This scooter takes the cake in every single category we looked at. To recap:

  • It’s faster than the V1000 – 20 mph vs 18 mph
  • It has comparable or better range: 10 – 20 miles vs 13
  • EcoReco will plant a tree when you register your warranty
  • The EcoReco also has a better display that tells your speed

While both units are awesome, and will serve as a solid replacement for your daily driver, the EcoReco M5 simply has more benefits for the end user (and the environment). If you are going to spend significant money on a scooter, then you’re going to have to expect the best – which is the EcoReco M5.

A note to wrap this up. Yes, these units are both expensive at around $1200. Yes, you can certainly get less expensive units for a fraction of the cost. The Razor E300 comes to mind. This is a fine adult electric scooter, you can get it with seat or without, but is nowhere near the machine that is the EcoReco M5 or the Fuzion V1000.  For several hundred less, you get the following:

  • Longer charging time means you can’t fill it up at work
  • Less top speed means it takes you longer to get to work. Time is money 
  • Less durable battery means a higher cost of ownership over the years of use
  • Heavier weight means that you will have to hit the gym to be strong enough to carry it


We think that spending the extra money on something to replace your car, rather than simply a toy, is well justified. If you’re looking for a razor scooter for adults, you can read our extensive Razor E300 review.


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