Cheapest Off-Road Electric scooter review

Great off-road electric scooter for a bargain

Folks, today we have something very special for you. Today we are covering a more broad topic than our usual fare. We are going to review not only a modestly priced off-road adult electric scooter, we are also going to throw something new into the mix. We will evaluate a cheap gas scooter and see how it compares to a comparably priced electric scooter. We are pretty excited to bring you this review, as it has been an eye-opening experience for us, and we are sure you will learn something too.

We will start by taking another look at a previously reviewed scooter, the Super Cycles & Scooters BlackSUP800-2 1000W Elite Electric Scooter.

 The Return of the BlackSUP 800-2

Fastest electric scooter with seatPreviously, we awarded the BlackSUP800-2 with our “fastest electric scooter” medal (read about it here). This scooter was hands down one of the fastest we reviewed, coming in at a top speed of 26 mph. This is blazingly fast for an electric scooter, and is more than suitable as an automobile replacement as a daily driver. Not an electric scooter you might wanna give your toddlers. With a maximum range of 18 miles on a single charge, this scooter will get you where you need to go without having to worry about running out of juice and having to hoof it the rest of the way.

All this performance comes from a jet black scooter that has a rugged yet appealing aesthetic. The stainless steel shocks, nuts, and bolts complement the black paint and give it an industrial look.

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Of course, looks aren’t everything! You can ride in comfort as the BlackSUP800-2 comes with an optional seat for those long daily commutes. In addition to the seat, the scooter comes equipped with dual rear shocks to really reduce the impact from the poorly maintained city roads and sidewalks to almost nothing. The front tire also has a swinger mono shock, to further enhance the comfort of the rider. All this attention to the suspension of the scooter will really pay dividends when riding in the seated configuration, as sitting tends to make the rider more sensitive to bumps in the road than standing.

Safety is also paramount, and the BlackSUP800-2 spares nothing in that department. Front and rear disc brakes guarantee a quick and smooth stop over a relatively short distance. This is critical when you’re going 26 mph down a city street in your scooter and something unexpected pops out from behind a parked car.

The extra wide tires provide extra traction, making this unit suitable for riding in damp weather. Don’t chance it in snow or a tropical downpour, but slightly wet conditions will be completely doable in this unit.

The BlackSUP800-2 also comes equipped with a turbo/econo mode button that toggles the power output of the engine. This allows you to go fast when you want, on shorter commutes, and to ride for longer distances when it is required. This sort of flexibility is a huge plus for the rider, as it is a nuisance to try to guess what level of throttle will let you get the most mileage vs. the most speed. In other words, it completely removes the guesswork from your drive!

Another great feature found on this scooter that is pretty uncommon is the presence of a LED headlamp. This makes riding at night a possibility, as it allows you greater visibility, as well as indicating your presence to other motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

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Super 36v Turbo 1000-Elite Electric Scooter with Econo/Turbo Mode Button, Black

As if all this weren’t enough, there are a number of optional features to choose from. You can upgrade to a hill kit, should your commute be on uneven terrain, as well as add mirrors, splash guards, and a brake light kit. The brake light kit is highly recommended if you’re going to be doing any night driving, as signaling your presence and decrease in speed to other drivers can be critical for safety, especially on a blacked out scooter. All of these accessories can be installed from the factory at no additional charge, or installed by yourself later.

The icing on the cake for this scooter is the quick connect parts system.  Let’s face it, parts are going to wear out and things are going to break. You don’t want to buy a scooter that requires a PhD in mechanical engineering to fix, and this scooter makes it as easy as it can possibly be. In addition, the company provides a wealth of resources for the DIY crowd. Videos, instructions, and email support are all readily available.

All of these features add up to a fantastic product. The BlackSUP800-2 is a cheap adult electric scooter, it is really fast, has great range and is rugged and durable. However, it’s not the only game in town. If you’re looking to spend in the neighborhood of $500-$700 on a daily commuter replacement, you would be remiss to not consider the possibility of a gas powered scooter as well.


We still think the BlackSUP 800-2 is the king of off-road electric scooters. While it comes in slightly slower than a Gas driven scooter, it has comparable range, it costs less, has more available features and will probably have a lower cost of operation over time. Of course, this last point will depend on the cost of electricity in your region vs. the cost of petrol.

Should you need to go more than 20 miles, or you have to run errands around town all day, then this analysis changes. The ability to quickly refuel a Gas powered scooter is a great selling point, and gas stations are generally plentiful in the city. Ultimately, it’s going to boil down to what your individual needs are, as well as your budget for your replacement of your daily driver. If you’re looking for a great Gas driven scooter just as the BlackSUP you should check out our cheapest scooter area where you can find the Evo-X2 Gas scooter: Here are the cheapest but best scooters that would fit anyone!

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