Best Electric Scooter for Kids 2019

One question that we frequently get here is: “What is the best electric scooter for my child”? This is a difficult question, and one that depends on many variables. In this review, we’re going to go in depth on all the things that matter, such as:

  • Which scooter is safest?
  • Which scooter is most durable?
  • Which kids motorized scooter is most affordable?
  • Which kid electric scooter is from a brand I know and trust?

Under review, we have two units that score highly in all these categories, and more. They are the Razor E100 electric scooter for kids and the Pulse Performance Products Reverb motor scooter for kids  Both units are high quality and reasonably priced, but there can be only one winner. To compare, let’s take a look at the features in a head to head match-up.

Finding the best electric scooter for kids

Finding the best electric scooter is not an easy task when it comes to kids scooters. They both outgrow them fast if you purchase one for kids of younger age and if they’re older some might just be to slow to make it fun and enjoyable. Therefore we would like to suggest that you have a look at our top electric scooter with seat the scooter within this article is a bit faster and also comes with a removable seat for extra comfort. We have something for everyone and you will definitely find a suitable electric scooter for you within our review section!

Safety with these scooters for kids – head to head:

Both units come equipped with 100W electric chain driven motors that produce a top speed of around 10 mph. This speed is manageable and makes both units suitable for children or young adolescents. Both also come with a kick start motor, meaning that the scooter has to be in motion for the throttle to engage. Neither unit will lurch forward if your child gets on the throttle, so you don’t have to worry about your little one flying over the handle bars.

In addition, both units come equipped with a handlebar brake that actuates the brake system. This brake is also interlocked to the throttle, so when the brake is actuated, the throttle is disengaged. This prevents either unit from going out of control if your child accidentally actuates both the brake and throttle simultaneously.

It’s worth noting that the Razor E100 comes equipped with a front wheel brake, whereas the Pulse Reverb has a rear drum brake system. Though we don’t have any data to back this up, we suspect that the more complex brake drum will require more maintenance in the long term as well as being more prone to failure as it has more parts.

With 24V batteries, both scooters are going to top out at a max range of around 6 miles, or 40 minutes of continuous riding.  This will depend on how your child rides this scooters for kids, as well as the conditions of the roads.

Both units have a relatively length charge time of around 12 hours, so neither will get your child back out into the neighborhood any faster.Razor electric scooter for kids

One area where the units differ considerably is the tires. The Razor E100 comes with an 8 inch pneumatic tire up front, whereas the Pulse Performance Products Reverb comes with a 6.3” urethane front tire. What does this mean for your child?

The 8 inch pneumatic tire is going to provide more traction and better steering for your child, so that gives the E100 the edge in safety. While the 6.3” urethane tire is going to be immune to punctures and won’t need more air as time goes on, it will simply not provide as much stability for your child.

One area where the Reverb stands out, with respect to safety, is the presence of the composite deck texture. This is a design that allows more sure footing for your child while standing on the scooter, so it is something to be considered. With the Razor E100 you don’t have the texturing, however shoes with solid grip should be more than sufficient to ensure stable footing on the scooter.

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Durability – head to head:

Both units are composed entirely of steel, so durability is going to be high for both units. You won’t go wrong with choosing either, on the basis of the durability and longevity of the frame.

However, the urethane wheels on the Pulse Performance Products Reverb give it the edge in durability. You won’t have to inflate the tire, worry about changes in ambient temperature, or deal with punctures.

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Affordability – head to head:

Both units come in at an affordable $120 at the time of this writing. One then has to look at longer term costs of ownership. How often will the batteries have to be replaced, is probably the best question to ask?

As far as we can tell, both units are going to have average life with respect to battery recharge cycles. For the Razor E100, it is rated at 200 charge cycles. The Reverb does not come with such detailed information, however lifetime is estimated at 1 – 2 years. We are going to have to call this a wash.

Other Factors to Consider When Buying A Motorized Scooter For Kids :

While safety, durability, and affordability are important, they aren’t the only things to consider when buying a motorized scooter for kids. For instance, branding is also important. When you need customer support, you want to know that the company has a track record of standing behind their products. In this respect, we think the Razor E100 comes out ahead as the best electric scooter brand for kids. The Razor brand is a staple of the electric scooter industry, and there is no sign it is going anywhere anytime soon.

While Pulse Performance Products is a quality company, with a reputation for U.S. based customer support, it simply doesn’t have the 15 year track record that Razor has established.

In addition to reputation, there is also the look of the scooter to consider.  The brash neon coloring of the Pulse Reverb can be off putting to some, and frankly we prefer the understated color scheme of the Razor E100. The Razor E100 also comes in a larger variety of colors, from pink to black.

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We are going to have to call the Razor E100 the best electric scooter for kids. Both durability and affordability, came out either a wash or slightly in favor of the Reverb, however the track record and longevity of the Razor brand, as well as its larger front tire give it the edge in this review. Both these fit both as a girls and boys electric scooter. They come in cool unisex colors.

Both units are going to be suitable for a child’s electric scooter, however, the slight edge has to go to the Razor E100. You check out both products on Amazon.

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