Electric Scooter With Seat for Adults and Kids 2019

We are frequently asked which is the best electric scooter with seat, either for adults or children? When we set out to answer this question, we expected that there may be one scooter to rule them all. But, what we found is that there wasn’t any one scooter that could give adults the durability and speed they need, as well as the safety we would require for our children. This means we have identified two electric scooters with seat – one that is best for adults, and one that is best for children.

Best electric scooter for Adults with seat:

As an adult, we have some pretty stringent requirements.

We’re heavier, so the scooter has to be strong enough to carry us around on a daily basis.

We can handle much more speed than a child, so we don’t need a scooter with low top speed.

It would be nice to have a scooter that can handle a commute to work, so we don’t have to take the car.

In all of our searching, we found one electric scooter with seat for adults that met all these criteria and more:

The SuperCycles & Scooters BlackSUP800-2 Super Turbo 1000W Elite.

Fastest electric scooter with seatThis scooter has it all. It has the power, the speed, the range, and the build quality to be the one adult electric seated scooter to rule them all.

With a max speed of 26mph this scooter deserves the turbo title. Be careful to avoid the speed traps, as this could get you a ticket on some roads!

All that power is tamed by front and rear disc brakes, so stopping on a dime is a breeze.

The seat provides comfort and stability at speed, so no jarring bumps on the city streets.

With a top range of 18 miles you can get wherever you need to go. This will cover most commutes to work, and possibly even the ride back on a single charge. Need to ride home from work in the evening? No problem.

The BlackSUP800-2 also comes with an LED light for easily visibility in low light conditions, as well as to warn oncoming drivers of your presence.

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Optional brake light, mirrors, splash guards and upgraded batteries make this one incredibly customizable unit. It can get quite close to being a small class motorcycle, on just an electric motor.

The solid steel construction is able to withstand almost any abuse the road can offer up. You don’t have to be concerned with repairing this unit after every single ride. Should anything break, the parts are quick connect for easy replacement. Better yet, you get lifetime technical support and a free tool kit with every scooter.

Another great thing is that this is the fastest electric scooter we’ve reviewed.

All these factors combined make this the best electric seated scooter on the market. The price? About $500. Not too bad for a scooter that can replace a car.

Clearly, all that power is not going to be suitable for a child. No, the best seated children’s scooter award goes to another scooter entirely.

Best electric scooter with seat for Kids:

For our children, our requirements are no less stringent.

It has to be safe, so that means a relatively limited top speed.

Range should be decent, but not enough that the child can get too far from home.

It should be durable enough to tolerate the abuse children typically put toys through.

razor-300s-seatedIn all of our testing, we found 1 unit that really stands out from the competition, and that is the Razor E300S electric scooter with a seat.

This unit has a top speed of 15 mph, which is reasonably fast for a kids scooter with seat. It’s fast enough that they will think they are running a high end dragster, but slow enough that you don’t have to worry.  The engine is also quiet, so your child won’t disturb the neighbors.

All of that power is put down by extra wide 10” pneumatic tires, which give your child exceptional traction and control over this razor electric scooter with seat.  They are puncture resistant, so you don’t have to worry about blowouts.

Braking is accomplished through a hand operated rear brake that guarantees your child will maintain control of the steering when braking.

With a maximum run time of around 40 minutes, your child is going to have plenty of time to play, while not being able to stray so far as to get lost.  As always, range will depend on terrain (hills kill the range!), speed and weight of the child.

Recharge time is up to 12 hours if you completely drain the battery, so it will have to be charged overnight or during the middle of the day.

With a maximum load of up to 250 pounds, this scooter can grow with your child well into early adulthood.

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Couple all these killer features with a modest $250 price tag, it is clear why this Razor electric scooter with seat takes the award as one of the best electric scooters for kids with seat.

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Today we at best electric scooter answered the question: what is the best seated electric scooter on the market today? We’ve shown you the BlackSUP800-2 for adults and the E300S for children. They have the thrills, reliability, practicality and price to performance ratio that makes them the best scooters in their respective age brackets.

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