Pulse Performance GRT-11 Motorized Scooter Review

Perfect for kids age 6-10!

Reviewing products suitable for different ages we have to adjust the speed accordingly. This has a great moderate 8 mph speed and a 5-7 miles distance. It’ll keep your kid running for about 50 minutes and the best thing is that it only takes about 1-2 hours to fully recharge the battery. So they’ll be up and running again in no time!


The Best Motorized Scooter for Kids

Today we are reviewing one of the best motorized scooters for kids, the GRT-11 by Pulse Performance Products.  This sturdy and simplistic designed scooter is sure to provide hours of entertainment as young kidselectric scooter. With a top speed of 8 mph this scooter is going to be a blast to ride for your little one, while not giving you any headaches over the safety of your child. The quiet chain driven motor is a huge plus for the neighborhood as well.  With a 50 minute ride time this electric scooter is great for quick jaunts around the neighborhood. A recharge time of 1-2 hours means your child is quickly back in the action.

Speed: 8 mph

Distance: about 5-7 miles (Depending on surface, average speed, and weight of the user)

Charge Time: 12 hours

Battery: 12V Rechargeable

Max Load: 120 lbs

Unit Weight: 20 lbs


  • Speed: just fast enough for your child to have a blast, but not so fast that they can lose control and have a spill
  • Safety: factory equipped with industry standard safety features, this unit is top rated for overall safety
  • Cost: This is an inexpensive unit that is well suited for a first electric scooter
  • The wheels are not suited for rough terrain, so please instruct your child to avoid riding on gravel

Safety First!

There are two important safety features for parents to be aware of, beyond the helmet and pads. These are the push actuated motor and the integrated foot brake.

Push to go means that your child can’t simply press the throttle and start tearing asphalt around the neighborhood. They have to push off with their feet, so accidental launches are impossible. This prevents your child from flying over the handlebars, or losing control of the scooter. Something similar to the kids approved razor scooters.

The integrated foot brake handle actuates the rear brake, and comes standard with a throttle interlock. This means that when your child pushes the brake, the throttle is cut out. This prevents damage to the unit, as well as enhancing the safety of your child.

As a bonus, the unit comes with a deck that is covered in grip tape. This gives your child sure footing on the unit and prevents slips and falls at speed.

Durability is King

The GRT-11 comes factory equipped with zero maintenance cast polyurethane wheels. These are rugged by design and don’t require air, so that means no flat tires!

It also means you don’t have to adjust the air pressure to account for that unexpected warm day in the middle of winter, or the freakishly cold day in spring. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your child is riding on an all-weather scooter.

One note, though. You may be tempted to hop on the scooter yourself. After all, why should your child have all the fun? We would advise against this, as the scooter has a maximum weight limit of 120 pounds.  Riders in excess of this weight can cause damage to the unit and affect its performance, reliability, and safety. But you can always have a look at a more appropriate scooter that fits parents perfectly. Or go ahead and just read our Black-sup review which is an insane scooter for adults.

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Undoubtedly, this is one of the top children’s motorized scooters we have reviewed. Its low cost and high quality build make it a great choice for the active child. The integrated safety features make it a great buy for parents also.

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